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Honda Accord Ignition Switch Replacement

A fastener by fastener tutorial for testing, removing, and installing an ignition switch on a Honda Accord.

  • G

    2004 Grand Am.....Ignition Switch?

    I was just told that my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am needs an ignition switch. they told me the cost would be $285. does that sound right or am I being overcharged. I noticed online that the cost of the part is 75-80 bux. which would mean they.

    The ignition switch is fairly easy to change as long as the key will turn the ignition. first pop off the black cover off the dash in front of the ignition, then insert your key and turn to the.

  • Mondo T

    How to change ignition switch on 1972 cutlass?

    Ignition switch (Electrical Switch) is accessed by dropping the steering column down onto the front seat, the switch itself is actuated by a metal rod/bar that slides forwards and backwards with.

  • Michael Myers

    Wiring a universal ignition switch?

    I own a 1983 Honda Shadow VT500C and the original ignition switch went bad. I bought a universal switch and need to know how to wire it. There is a red wire,black wire,brown and white wire, and two brown wires. Please only respond if you know how.

    First the package that the universal switch came in should tell you which wires go to which posts on the switch. Second-you mention all these colored wires-are they off the switch or on the bike.

  • Kerim C

    problem with boat ignition switch!!!!?

    i have recently bought a boat and the ignition switch was disconnected the engine is a mercury 175 from the 1980's and im really confused on which wire goes where the wires are as follow. red=battery. yellow with red stripe=starter. purple=ignition.

    This switch won't work for this application, as it has no "push to choke" function. Also, the black/yellow and black need to be hooked to a separate kill switch. The switch you need is available.

  • grumpiebrrr60

    how too replace the ignition switch on a ford thunderbird?

    1993 ford thunderbird ignition switch replacement.

    if you are talking about the ignition switch you will need to lower the steering column down ther should be four nuts holding it up then you will see the ignition switch siting on top of the column.

  • RFID Ignition switch?

    I want to put an RF ID ignition switch on my VW I want to put the Tag ac cross the dash and have the car start with a push button to turn it off i don't want to have a push button to start. i also have been looking for a way to electronically.

    You would have to make this type of thing. There isn't any after market parts that I ever heard of to do this. It would take an RFID reader, RFID transponder, and some kind of micro-controller to.


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