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Chrysler Ignition Lock Cylinder Key Matching

This video provides detailed instructions on Chrysler Ignition Lock Cylinder Key Matching.

  • Ashley

    1993 Audi 100 ignition lock cylinder removal?

    I'm having problems removing my 1993 Audi 100 ignition lock cylinder . The problem is that I don't have keys. Any help would be appreciated.

    To remove the lock cylinder, I believe you need to remove the entire lock assembly. Its pretty difficult. To get the cylinder out, there's a specific spot in which you need to drill a hole to.

  • Jordan

    Do I need an ignition switch or lock cylinder?

    I have a 1993 Dodge Dakota. When I put the key in and turn it, there is no resistance where the ignition should be catching. The key will just loosely go back and forth. All electric still works, its just loose when its passes the accessory.

    they are seperate components. either can be replaced w/o replacing the other. sounds like the lock/tumbler issue. removing the steering collumn covers, one might get a better idea of what's up.

  • Jessie Edsell

    Ford fairlane ignition lock cylinder removal without key?

    Year of it is 1956.

    I'm not familiar with the car. If the ignition cylinder is in the dash it's not really hard. You just look under the dash for where it is and unplug it then unscrew the mechanism from the dash.

  • Fern

    remove ignition lock cylinder on 91 Nissan Sentra, or remove/disengage steering wheel lock, read details.?

    A week ago someone broke into my 1991 Nissan Sentra and tried to steal it. They damaged the ignition cylinder and it is CRAZY expensive to replace for this car. Even if replacement was an option, I cannot remove the lock cylinder because they.

    You do not remove the lock cylinder on this vehicle. The complete lock cylinder housing is replaced as an assembly:.

  • lostone01

    Replacing ignition lock cylinder on 1988 Cavalier and stalling (overheating) issue?

    I recently bought a 1988 Cavalier, 2. 0 4 cylinder, 145000 miles. I have 2 problems with it that I am trying to figure out and need help with. First, I just bought a new ignition lock cylinder (the cylinder you put key in to start the car) as the.

    For the first, the lock cylinder is held in by a pin behind the turn signal switch. The steering wheel has to come off, then the lock plate needs to be removed (requiring special tools) and then.

  • queeneli926

    2002 Ford Focus: Ignition lock cylinder replaced w/ 2 programmed keys. Keys can't open the doors.?

    Had ignition lock cylinder replaced and the locksmith had to reprogram 2 new SecuriLock PATS keys. The new keys can't seem to open the doors. Is it because I need the doors reprogrammed to the keys. Or is it possible that the keys are not cut to.

    The lock cylinders in your doors don't match the new keys to your new ignition. Your new ignition lock cylinder uses a different key than the old one did. Your old key(s) will still open your.


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    Cengage Learning. 1996. ISBN: 0801979196,9780801979194. 2016 pages.

    Provides troubleshooting charts and repair procedures

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