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How to Inspect Distributor Cap and Rotor Condition (Part 2)

How to Check for Worn Out Distributor Cap and Rotor on your Engine that may be causing Trouble.

  • eviehell

    What does a distributor cap do?

    Distributor Cap –The distributor cap distributes the electricity from the ignition coil to all spark plug wires. The distributor cap is usually made of a hard plastic with internal copper.

  • conspiracy

    How do you remove a distributor?

    I have a 1984 jeep cherokee v6 and i need to remove the distributor cap, rotor, and the rest. How can this be done easiest.

    Remove the high-tension wires from the distributor cap terminal towers, noting their positions to assure correct reassembly. Remove the primary lead from the terminal post at the side of the.

  • billy25685

    96 Silverado 5.7, how to prevent moisture under distributor cap?

    I bought this truck 1 month ago. This morning it wouldn't start and the weather has been cool, misty for two days now. I drove the truck in the rain once and it was acting like the timing was off. What's a good way to remove and dry the cap during.

    You have to unscrew it, don't remember exactly on that car as to how many, using long phillips screwdriver. Don't disturb the wires as you lift it. Take a good look at the cap. Look for cracks,.

  • mrharris32

    Distributor Cap Wiring?

    1999 Chevy Tahoe - 350 5. 7L - Engine was removed for a rebuild, pigtail on back of distributor broke off (wires came out of connector). There are 3 wires, pink, black, and pink with a black stripe. It's no problem to rebuild the connection, I.

    The firing order is engraved on the intake manifold or you can reference a service manual like Haynes or Chilton's. According to the Haynes manual, #1 cylinder on the distributor cap is the first.

  • rolfii

    oil in my distributor cap :(?

    I have a 94 integra that has a bad oil leak in the distributor I have a bad idle and realllly bad hesitation I'm guessinq because of the oil in the distributor cap causing missfire do I have to replace the whole distributor to stop the hesitation.

    You can clean out the cap, rotor and to prevent engine oil leak into the inside of the distributor again then there are two things you'll need to do:. 1- Remove the distributor and replace the.

  • Officer Friendly

    Distributor cap is loose?

    I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 5. 9. Today I was replacing the plugs, wires, cap, rotor. I took the old cap off and noticed that one side was more worn than the other, there was also a small chunk of plastic missing in between the contacts on the.

    To avoid some confusion first, there is some doubt that the "whitish color" on some of the plugs have anything to do with them firing. This may be more of a mixture issue. With respect to the.


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