Margin Call - Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12

There was a tense finale as the rest of the fleet followed Leg winners Groupama into Auckland, still competing for places at the end of a gruelling 5200 miles from Sanya, China. As they approached the line CAMPER had closed the gap on Telefonica to just a few meters.

Yahoo answersHow many Volvo owners with automatic transmission have had to replace the transmission on their car?

  • Volvo

    Don't be fooled the Volvo trans is the same in the Toyota it's a t50 trans on the inside and vary reliable if you keep the maintenance up. On the drive shaft is a bushing witch is the leading cause.

Yahoo answersHow much do Volvo seat belts increase the stopping distance during a crash?

  • Safety

    Seat belts have nothing at all to do with stopping. brakes do however.

Yahoo answersDoes the Volvo heartbeat sensor (tells you if someone is in the car) work if the car isn't running?

  • Volvo

    Actually it ONLY works if the car is off and the alarm is set.

Yahoo answersHow much does it cost to maintain a Volvo?

  • Volvo

    Volvos are *very* expensive to maintain. There are parts only available through the dealership and there are maintenance procedures and repairs that only an authorized Volvo dealer can perform (a.

Yahoo answersHow do I get my 1983 Volvo to warm up faster?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    if it's not fuel injected you can adjust the choke , f. i. cars will have a temp. sensor to tell the injectors to run a rich mixture , when was the last time you had a major tune up.

Yahoo answersHow does a Volvo C30 T5 with automatic transmission against a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT?

  • Other - Car Makes

    Depends on which Mitsubushi GS only has 162 hp and will be out run by Volvo but if your spider is a GT with a V-6 265 hp motor vs the volvo's 227 hp turbocharged 5 cly motor then Mitsubushi would.

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