smart car crash

crashing a smart car to test occupant survivability

Yahoo answersSmart??????????????

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    I have an IQ of 156. I've been tested twice - 25 years apart - when I took my GMAT to get into the UCLA Graduate School of Managment and my GRE to get into the CSULA Graduate School of Business in.

Yahoo answerssmart.....?

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    In my opinion, it is their culture that makes the difference. In the asian culture, education is very very important whereas here in America education is not (and that's sad. We are lazy in.

Yahoo answersWhat kind of smart is really smart? Do you think reading books can really make you smart?

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    Smart is when you have the wherewith all to utilize your Intelligence to the best possible advantage.

Yahoo answersHow does android smart phone intelligent voice talk work?

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    I just love how when Apple does something, every other smart phone does the same thing within a week. But as for your question: real artificial intel does learn from past experience. In a phone,.

Yahoo answersWhat's the difference between seeming smart, actually being smart, and getting really good grades?

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    This is a much more complicated question than it seems at first - it is really asking about what we mean by intelligence and there is a big debate about that. A person who is intelligent can have.

Yahoo answersWhat is the difference between book smart and street smart?

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    there's a huge difference. book smart is when you're amazing at math, science, english, history, geography. you're a great student & you're super smart. but, you'd probably wouldn't survive.

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