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Jon Wilner on college basketball: Others fare worse than Cal and Saint Mary's ... - San Jose Mercury News

Cal was one of the final teams in the NCAA tournament -- and should feel fortunate. The best college basketball teams in the Bay Area received good news on Selection Sunday, although they had to wait. to hear it. The Bears easily could have been excluded from the field.


Yahoo answersMercury..................................................................?

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    So if the Mercury is in Taurus, the mind will be cautious, concrete, and with a twist of humor. If you add a Pluto conjunction then there will be an added caution, and an inclination to want to.

Yahoo answersmercury..?

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    59 days to revolve around itself. (That's 10km/h, not fast. 87 days to rotate around the Sun.

Yahoo answersWhat replaced the mercury in vaccines that contained it?

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    I don't think they replaced it with anything. I think they changed from multi-dose vials, which require preservatives, to single-dose vials. Some vaccines require thimerosal during production,.

Yahoo answersWhat is the difference between mercury in aquarius/mercury in taurus and mercury in scorpio?

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    A mercury in Aquarius would like to communicate [ all air signs love to dialogue ] . but a mercury in Taurus [ my husband has a mercury in Taurus ]. no. they are keeping their emotions for.

Yahoo answersIs the Mercury Sign very important in a person's chart when analyzing their personality?

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    Very important and more so whether Mercury is rising before or trailing the Sun and whether Moon is fast or slow in its motion. That relationship has to be established first and will dictate how.

Yahoo answersHow is your mercury sign affecting you during the retrograde?

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    I'm so over this mercury retro already :-/ I have the constant brain fog and I'm being way too blunt at times. Gemini sun & mercury

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  • Jon Wilner on college basketball: Others fare worse than Cal and Saint Mary's ...

    By Jon Wilner Mercury News California head basketball coach Mike Montgomery talks to the press at Haas Pavilion in Berkeley, Calif., Sunday, March 11, 2012, after the NCAA tournament bids were announced, slating the Golden Bears to play South Florida

  • 2 teens held in alleged San Jose crime spree

    The reports ( that after holding up five people at gunpoint in a span of about four hours, the two teens were arrested around 12:15 am Saturday at the end of a police pursuit. San Jose police Sgt. Jason Dwyer

  • Deals haven't helped smooth San Jose Sharks' road

    (Dai Sugano/Mercury News) EDMONTON, Alberta -- General manager Doug Wilson does not want to discuss how his struggling Sharks have come to be fighting for their playoff lives with 15 games left. "To me there is nothing to be said other than just line

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