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Yahoo answersland rover?

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    not worth it. Land Rovers were once the King Of The Hill. now they are just overpriced and plastic. back in the days of Wild Kingdom sponsored by Mutual of Omaha, land rovers were as tough as.

Yahoo answersLand Rover?

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    The Discovery II's (1999-2004) are a much, much better car. I'm inclined to say the Discovery Series I is fairly unreliable and rather expensive to maintain. They have the older-style fuel.

Yahoo answersWill newer model land rover headlights fit my 89 land rover vehicle?

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Yahoo answersWhat kind of anti-freeze does a land rover discovery use?

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    use half anti freeze, half water. get peak or prestone coolant.

Yahoo answersHow does Land Rover's exhaust system perform when the car is submerged?

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    It isn't a big deal. All you have to do is keep your revs high enough to help keep water out. In most cases, water fording will require higher revs anyway, and you will generally be in a lower.

Yahoo answersHow do yo fix a Land Rover discovery that cranks but has no spark?

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    check the coil(s) and wires(plug) if those show good then check to see if you're getting voltage to the coil. if all is good then start looking at all components that affect the ignition.

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