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The sounds in this video are ACTUAL sounds from the Jeep. Everyone began rehearsing their parts 2 weeks before we shot the video. © 2009 Julian Smith Productions Be sure to download the mastered ringtone for FREE. com Download.

Yahoo answersjeep ? ?

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    they are OK but not really great, the 4 wheel drive and weight of a Jeep works against it. at least it is a manual as the automatic is worse. expect 20-22 mpg highway 15-17 city at best,

Yahoo answersWhat would cause a jeep to shake and backfire when you start the jeep?

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    Possibly some moisture or damage in the distributor cap or messed up spark plugs or wires.

Yahoo answersDoes a Jeep have to have mirrors to be street legal in Oregon?

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    You need a mirror on the driver's side in all of the 50 states.

Yahoo answersWhen towing a jeep cherokee behind another vehicle do the miles continue to count on the jeep?

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    If the transfer case is in neutral, then the odometer and speedometer do not register miles, because the transmission is not turning. If the transfer case is in gear, and the transmission is in.

Yahoo answersJEEP YJ: I just installed a new exhaust system from manifold out and now my jeep seems to vibrate alot?

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    did you check the timing. because mine has the same problem, and i know my timing is out of whack, we must have toggled with the belt while replacing the alternator, now it shakes and vibrates, all.

Yahoo answersWhat is the difference in a Jeep that is manual and a jeep that is automatics wiring harness?

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    Why would you do that. There are different inputs/outputs for different engines. You are sure to have multiple/not enough wires on the harnesses.

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