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The First Ever 2014 Cadillac ELR: Poolside

Introducing the first ever Cadillac ELR. You work hard, you create your own luck and just gotta believe, that ANYTHING is possible.

  • Nikki

    song help 10,000 cadillacs?

    Its a rap song . here are some of the words I know. Ten Thousand Cadillacs swinging like a batillac. (something somethingg) I'm a M***** F****** Cadillac. whats the name of the song you just put the lyrics for.

    Actually 10,000 cadillacs is a rap group from 1999. I got a rolodex of Cadillacs 10,000. Motherfuckin' macks rat a tat tat on the tracks. Go the gats pop pop and they drop crooked cops.

  • Flpyii

    Mercedes or Cadillac? Which looks better?

    My family is debating on which to get as our family car- a Mercedes GL450 or a Cadillac Escalade Platinum. We often drive to 5th Avenue in New York to shop, so that's why it's under the "Fashion" category.

    Cadillac all the way because it has a better engine and there is more room. More pick up speed plus more shine for your money. The chrome grille plus 22 inch solid chriome rims look so much cooler.

  • lala

    1998 cadillac deville running hot?

    hello my boyfriend is having a big problem with his 98 cadillac deville it is running hot within a few blocks. he has checked the fan its working properly, he has replaced the radiator and water pump.

    The thermostat is a good place to start, because it is easy to check and cheap to replace. You have about a 0% chance this is it though because the thermostat on the northstar is fail-safe.

  • John Doe

    Cadillac CTS 2006 worth it?

    I'm currently looking to purchase a Cadillac CTS 2006 6 cylinder low miles and I am interested in knowing what are the most common problems on these cars and we're late be a nightmare to haveplease any information will help.

    Need to know the mileage. Timing Chains are the biggest problems on 3. 6L engines from idiots going by the Change Oil percentage instead of going by a lower set mileage. If you wait for the oil.

  • Garrett

    ‎1985 Cadillac Fleetwood Elegante Production?

    Are these rare cars. I know there's a few Cadillac's that are under 4000 made and I was wondering if this was one of them. It has the 4. 1L V8, FWD, Woodgrain dash, "Digital Fuel Injection", and the nicest leather seats i have ever sat in.

    I have not seen a breakdown for those cars. All I have is that there were 37,000 Fleetwood and Deville coupes and 114,000 Fleetwood and Deville sedans. The D'elegance package was an option on.

  • Joe S

    whats your favorite cadillac ?

    im saving up to buy a car and i want it to be a cadillac but i dont know which to pick which ones your favorite and no cts's because my dad owns one of those and i dont wanna have the same kind . also which color do you think the car you picked.

    Cadillac CTS-V. Even British motoring journalists (who normally heavily slag off American cars for being cheaply built, and incapable of going round corners) seem to like it. BBC TOP GEAR -.

Auto review: 2014 Cadillac ELR whirs forward - Indianapolis Star

GM first explored a Cadillac version of its plug-in Chevrolet Volt with the Converj Concept at the 2009 Detroit auto show . Then, a little thing called bankruptcy put the tasty morsel on the back burner. Five years later, Cadillac's vision is realized. If I could design my own Cadillac, the ELR would be very. Source:

Latest News

  • Auto review: 2014 Cadillac ELR whirs forward

    05/07/14 ,via Indianapolis Star

    GM first explored a Cadillac version of its plug-in Chevrolet Volt with the Converj Concept at the 2009 Detroit auto show . It was a super-sleek and neatly tailored — elegance electrified. Then, a little thing called bankruptcy put the tasty morsel on

  • Bridgewater gives his mother pink Cadillac Escalade

    05/07/14 ,via The Courier-Journal

    Teddy Bridgewater made good on a long-standing promise Tuesday, one that dates back to elementary school, to gift his mother Rose Murphy a pink Cadillac Escalade. The former University of Louisville quarterback was featured in a documentary produced 

  • Video | Teddy Bridgewater buys mom pink Cadillac Escalade

    05/06/14 ,via The Courier-Journal

    . Just in time for Mother's Day, NFL-bound football player Teddy Bridgewater gave his mom a bright pink Cadillac Escalade. As a child, he had promised he would do so when he made it to the NFL.


  • Cadillac

    Putnam Juvenile. 1995. ISBN: 0399226540,9780399226540. 32 pages.

    A rhyming story that describes the excitement of going for a ride with Granny in her old Cadillac, as she "cruises through traffic like a bull through a dance."

  • Cadillac Desert

    Penguin. 1993. ISBN: 0140178244,9780140178241. 582 pages.

    Details the achievements of creating a desert civilization and projects on the future problems of limited groundwater reserves, silting up of reservoirs, and contamination of soil

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Cadillac Startrails
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