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How much do you know the Great Wall in China.

Great Wall Of Goalie Theodore Blanks Canes In Florida 2-0 - Cardiac Cane

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Yahoo answersHow long is the great wall of China? How long did it take to build the great wall of China?

  • China

    The first emperor of Qin Dynasty(B. 200 ) began to build it till ming Dynasty ,The emperors built the wall more than 10000 km. The wall meanders from east to west. It kept the enemy out of.

Yahoo answersWhat's the difference between the Badaling Great Wall and the Simatai Great Wall?

  • China

    Most people go to Badaling Great wall, the reason is that Badaling Greatwall it the best place to see many parts of the wall over the mountains and it is the best protected(or renovated) part of.

Yahoo answersWhy are portholes of Great Wall of China located on the southern side of the Wall?

  • China

    The great wall has all these towers along it. These towers had small garrisons of troops who lived inside these towers while guarding it rather than in the valley below to the south of the wall.

Yahoo answersWhat was the great wall of china made for?

  • History

    to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire during the rule of successive dynasties. So nope not to keep the mexicans out.

Yahoo answersHow did the great wall of china impact the development of the english language?

  • History

    Your information very much wrong. There some countries which follow their own mother tongue languages in their country for all purposes. When all countries in the early part of 20Th century were.

Yahoo answersHow has the Great Wall of China influenced the people of China and the people of world?

  • China

    about 500-100years ago , Northern China,there are peple Mongolia/Jin. ,they grazing. Chian peple planting. GW prepect people. but now , GW just monuments or.

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