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2012 Chery TX Concept

2012 Chery TX Concept. SOURCE: CHERY. allcarindex.

  • chery_kia

    products car chery?

    Try google search or click on these links:. http://www. cheryglobal. http://www. com/productsearch/Car_Fan.

  • brokestudent

    Is the Chery car from China cheap?

    Im just wondering how much it would cost if and when they sell it in the US.

    They should be cheap, and that is about all they will have going for them. It is pretty much gauranteed they will be unreliable junk that you will take a bath on when it comes time to trade it in.

  • nick c

    There's a new automobile coming out in mid 2007 called chery, anybody know anything about their quality?

    there basic models start at $7000, seems cheap.

    Chery is a Chinese automobile company that Malcom Bricklin (Subaru, Yugo, Bricklin, Visionary Vehicles) planned to bring into the USA in 2007. That is no longer happening. They are, however,.

  • Caleb Young

    3 compounds in chery come with there symbols?

    there's no context or really even a question. I suppose my answer to this post, with the given information, is "Yes, that's great. What's a 'chery'. Do 'cherys' have symbols.

  • Kyle

    How do u make chery itilain soda?

    Sorry to see that your spell check is broken. "How do u make chery itilain soda. How do you make cherry Italian soda. org/wiki/Cherry_Italian_soda.

  • Ashley

    MCAS Cherry Point/Surrounding Area Questions?

    My boyfriend is being stationed for ATC in Cherry Point, NC. I've never been there so I'd like to get some other's opinions on it. Is the base "nice", is there a lot to do, etc. But I am moreso concerned with the city of Cherry Point.

    Chery Point is a small town and so are all the towns surrounding it. You have to go one hour to Wilmington, 2 hours to Raleigh, or 4 hours to Charlotte for anything that resembles a big city.

Chery's future styling takes shape - Drive

Chery is readying new models for its Australian operations, as the ambitious car maker sets about making its presence outside of its Chinese homeland even bigger. The Concept Beta is a swoopy SUV with radical styling and 22-inch wheels, and will reportedly hit production for a 2016. Source:

Latest News

  • Chery's future styling takes shape

    04/22/14 ,via Drive

    Chery is readying new models for its Australian operations, as the ambitious car maker sets about making its presence outside of its Chinese homeland even bigger. The enigmatic brand released two fresh concepts at this week's Beijing auto show.

  • More power for the Chery J3 Hatchback

    04/18/14 ,via Citizen

    The spacious Chery J3 hatchback, which was introduced locally in November 2012, has been given a number of important improvements and upgrades that make this Italian-designed B-segment car even more competitive in its segment of the market.

  • STMicroelectronics Appoints Jean-Marc Chery as Chief Operating Officer

    04/29/14 ,via NASDAQ

    Geneva, April 28th, 2014 - STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM) announced today the appointment of Jean-Marc Chery as Chief Operating Officer. Chery currently serves as Executive Vice President and General Manager, Embedded Processing Solutions (EPS).


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Photo by keso on Flickr
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Chery QQ
This is the car that had General Motors in an uproar. Chery bought GM designed parts from their suppliers and built the same car. That's pretty brazen.
Photo by Hugo90 on Flickr
Photo by keso on Flickr

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