Top Gear Australia - Chery J1

Top Gear does a review on the first Chinese car ever sold in Australia and they are going to take this car to the test. 3-litre four cylinder OUTPUT: 62kW/122Nm (83. 7PS) ECONOMY: 6. 7litres/100km(14. 9km/L, 42mpg) EMISSIONS:.

Chery cars invade Venezuela - AsiaOne

Unlike competing Japanese and American cars, import preferences granted by the Venezuelan government mean the Chinese cars are cheaper, which has attracted a steady stream of interested customers.


Yahoo answersSuzuki alto or Chery QQ. Whats a better choice considering durability and safety?

  • Other - Car Makes

    I would go with Suzuki, it is a Japanese company and have been in business for a while. Cherry is either Chinese or Korean company a brand new company trying to make it in business.

Yahoo answersHow can I invest in Chery, the Chinese automobiles that are being brought to the US?

  • Investing

    searched, but was unable to find the symbol. it will be a number string rather than letters. there is not an ADR yet. could be only locals are allowed to own "A" or "red" shares of this company.

Yahoo answersHow many Chery Shrimp can I put In a 5 Gallon tank?

  • Fish

    Cherry shrimp breed fairly easily, so if you start off with a small number such as 10-15, you may find that the numbers will increase within a couple of months. As for keeping betta with cherry.

Yahoo answersWhere to get red chery shrimp for my tank?

  • Fish

    Many of the local fish stores can sell these shrimp for this price since nowhere else sells them. I have seen fancy shrimps go for more than that. I actually don't recommend getting them online,.

Yahoo answersQuestion revisited: How does Mayweather chery-pick if he fights the same opposition as Pacquiao?

  • Boxing

    My ace homie is ghanain. He invited me to a clottey pacquaio fight party w his family. I k ew pacquaio was gonna win. The last thing I wanted to do was be in a room full of angry Africans, so I.

Yahoo answersWhat time of year do the Chery blossums bloom and fall in Japan?

  • Japan

    Sometimes, Depending on the Climate and weather, they can fall as early as Late January. Or Even the middle of march.

Breaking News

  • Chery cars invade Venezuela

    Just weeks after the opening of four Chery dealerships in Venezuela, dozens of people are lining up every day to buy the first Chinese cars being sold in the Latin American nation. Unlike competing Japanese and American cars, import preferences granted

  • Reports: Land Rover links with Chery for newest JV

    By Xu Xiao () British off-road icon Land Rover plans to join the ranks of global automakers making vehicles in China by partnering with Chery Automobile Co Ltd in a joint venture. Local media reports said the partnership will be based in the

  • Jaguar Land Rover, Chery seek approval for joint venture

    By Fang Yan and Ken Wills | BEIJING () - Jaguar Land Rover and Chery Automobile Co are seeking regulatory approval for a 17.5 billion yuan ($2.78 billion) car venture in eastern China, two people with direct knowledge of the deal told on

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