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Toyota FT-1 Concept! The Next Supra? - The Downshift Ep. 73

On this episode of The Downshift, we talk with the designers of Toyota's new FT-1 concept, the car that could become the next Toyota Supra.

  • iris_aeirin

    Ford or Toyota?

    Which is better Ford or Toyota.

    Recently Ford has been making commericals stating "studies have proven that Ford reliability is just as good as Toyota's". I think that says a lot. Ford themselves by making such a commerical -.

  • james

    is ford now better than toyota?

    I have been looking at the corolla and the focus and the corolla is not getting good ratings, and the Focus is getting excellent ratings. Why is that. Is Toyota's quality going downhill.

    Toyota's ratings have been falling slowly, and Ford's has been rising. Toyota is suffering from being too big, and too slow to change. If the current trend continues, Ford will pass Toyota be the.

  • t_ws90

    Products of TOYOTA and NISSAN?

    Can anyone tell me what are the Products of TOYOTA and NISSAN.

    Highlander. LandCruiser. And Toyota owns Lexus:.

  • ASH

    BMW or Hyundai or Toyota?

    Which is better BMW x1 or Hyundai Santa Fe or Toyota fortuner.

    Toyota or Hyundai. I bought a BMW last month and have already payed thousands of dollars on minor repairs and has mileage sucks. Sante Fe is a nice car but kinda small and a ladies car.

  • Tesseroo

    Buying a used Toyota Rav 4?

    2005 Toyota Rav 4, is 66 thousand miles too much for a used suv, its in great shape, they want 18 grand.

    66,000 miles for a Toyota is inconsequential. When deciding whether a price is fair, the quality of the vehicle must be taken account of. The 2005 Toyota RAV4 has Consumer Reports'.

  • ireallyneeananswertothisquestion

    Is Toyota FT-HS real???!?!?!?

    Listen ppl, Toyota ft-hs is a concept - i know that but mah frends say dey r not making it but the internet says its gonna cum in like 2010. is it true that dey are not gona make it or what.

    Few concept cars ever make it to production, even fewer with no changes from the concept car design. If there's enough demand for one, then perhaps they'll make it. So be sure to express your.


  • A Study of the Toyota Production System

    Productivity Press. 1989. ISBN: 0915299178,9780915299171. 257 pages.

    This is the "green book" that started it all -- the first book in English on JIT, written from the engineer's viewpoint. When Omark Industries bought 500 copies and studied it companywide, Omark became the American pioneer in JIT. Here is Dr. Shingo's classic industrial engineering rationale for the priority of process-based over operational improvements in manufacturing. He explains the basic mechanisms of the Toyota production system, examines production as a functional network of processes and operations, and then discusses the mechanism necessary to make JIT possible in any manufacturing plant. Provides original source material on Just-ln-Time Demonstrates new ways to think about profit, inventory, waste, and productivity Explains the principles of leveling, standard work procedures, multi-machine handling, supplier relations, and much more If you are a serious student of manufacturing, you will benefit greatly from reading this primary resource on the powerful fundamentals of JIT.

  • Toyota Production System

    Productivity Press. 1988. ISBN: 0915299143,9780915299140. 143 pages.

    In this classic text, the inventor of the Toyota Production System and lean manufacturing combines his candid insights with a rigorous analysis of Toyota's attempts at lean production to explain how lean principles can improve any production-oriented endeavor.

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