BMW Highlights. Geneva Motorshow 2012.

Have a look at the BMW highlights of the 82th Geneva International Motorshow 2012: The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé, the BMW M6 Coupé, the BMW 3 Series and the BMW M Performance Automobiles.

Yahoo answersBMW??????????????????/?

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    Answering your questions in order. 1) I've seen M3's go over a 1000 hp. Check out horsepowerfreaks. com, they do a lot of M3 turbo kits. 2) What's in them to make them faster will either be a.

Yahoo answersHow exactly does the BMW Steptronic work?

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    First of all Steptronic IS the automatic. You merely "row" through the automatic gears. It will hold the car in first (or any other gear) for as long as you want until you push/pull the gear.

Yahoo answersCan I service my BMW which is on pre-owned warranty ouside a BMW dealership like MIDAS?

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    Is it a BMW warranty or another extended extended warranty companies coverage plan. If it the latter, you can go anywhere you please. If it's an extended BMW contract call any official BMW.

Yahoo answersWhat is the best racing exhaust for the bmw m3 e92?

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    Incredibly expensive, but I hear it's one of the best. http://activeautowerke. com/viewproduct. id=Product75. 15 extra HP and 7 extra ft/lbs of tq

Yahoo answersHow good of an engine comes in the bmw 5 series?

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    Well all of BMW's engines are great. Here are the ones they offer for the 5-series. 0-liter dual overhead cam (DOHC), 24-valve inline 230-horsepower 6-cylinder engine with composite.

Yahoo answersCan I use my new BMW to jump start my old Mazda battery?

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    sure you can jump it, 12 volts to 12 volts.

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