Alfa Romeo 159: James May tries not to swear - Top Gear - BBC

A chance to see a gloating Simon Cowell race around the Top Gear test track to finish at the top of the leader board. Brilliant celebrity interview and speed lap in full high quality on the BBC Top Gear YouTube channel.

Yahoo answersAlfa Romeo?

  • Alfa Romeo

    They will have to when they come to the U. S. , because it is law. I can't speak for the current European models though.

Yahoo answersalfa romeo?

  • Alfa Romeo

    Kelly blue book

Yahoo answersWhy do so many people not know how to spell Alfa Romeo?

  • Alfa Romeo

    not only some people cannot spell Alfa, but have you ever hear people pronounce Alfa Romeo as Alfa RomeRo. I hear that more times than I can ever imagine. consider posting.

Yahoo answersWhat does it means when smoke is coming out of the steering wheel of a Alfa Romeo 1977?

  • Alfa Romeo

    I am not a mechanic or electrician in any way, but it sounds to me as if you have an electrical short. I wouldn't drive it until you can get it checked by a mechanic. It could start a fire while.

Yahoo answerswhy are you not considered a car enthusiast unless you have owned a alfa romeo?

  • Alfa Romeo

    Probably one of the best drivers car out there, for reasonable money. fast and great road holding. A bit tempremental though, specially electrical end, and timing belts. To drive they naturally sit.

Yahoo answersWhat do you think about the italian car "Alfa Romeo 159"?

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    Its Awesome. Best in class. comes with a great racing history with the Alfa tag and above all, Italians loves it. In terms of racing history in Italy (Early 1920's and 30's) Alfa was the best.

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