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The history of Opel's compact cars

2012 marks Opel's 150th anniversary. To honor the occasion we are celebrating the rich past of legendary Opel models.

  • Get Me!

    how are opel cars?

    how are opel cars. Are they the same as saturn.

    Beginning in 2006, Saturn started sharing parts/platforms w/ GMs European branch Opel. The Saturn Aura is based on the Opel Vectra, The Saturn Vue(new) is very similar to the Opel Antara, the.

  • jeff S

    I want a Opel?

    I want a Opel Tigra only problem is they are not in USA . Is there any way that I can purchase one and have it shipped here.

    It's not a problem if you have the money. It would pose quite a few logistical problems however. Shipping would likely be done by container, which would be costly (not only for the shipping, but.

  • spain

    Opel GT Power and Top Speed

    Please - Somebody tell me. How much power has the European Opel GT got. Also, what is its top speed. (The European Model).

    hello, i have done lots of research on opel gt's and manta's because i have been looking into buying a 1974 opel manta. the #1 place to do resaerch would probly be wiki answers. go to google and.

  • Voll Krass!

    Opel / Vauxhall Dealers?

    Are there Opel / Vauxhall dealers in the United States. Who is driving an Opel or Vauxhall. I'm driving an Opel and i'd like to know that, because I heard, that Opel / Vauxhall doesn't sell his cars in the United States. Is that right. (Sorry for.

    You are correct, Opel does not have a base in US. . General Motors, who own the Opel brand in most countries, produce their own models for the US market which are very unlike any Opel models.

  • Gate Way

    What do you think about OPEL?

    if you know it . because its not well known in the states i guess.


  • gabriel k

    Opel Corsa OPC?

    Suggestions. What do u believe about it.

    I believe the Opel Corsa OPC is a very capable hot hatch. Aimed primarily at Opel enthusiasts between the ages of 18-30, the OPC edition sees the introduction of a 1. 6 Turbo engine to the Corsa.


  • Opel

    1975. 96 pages.
  • Opel, Becket, Kestel

    1998. 428 pages.

    Adam Opel was born in 1798 in Germany and immigrated to America in 1838 settling in Maryland. He later brought his only son, John, to America and he married Margaretha Becket. John's half sister is Dora Kestel.

auto kay eifel oldtimer rennen 2009 hdr opel adac iac kadett nordschleife nürburgring gte eifelrennen gänsler uwegregori
Opel Kadett GT/E
This Opel Kadett GT/E is prepared for racing. View large on black Copyright © Kay Gaensler Photography - Creative Commons. Please visit my Profile for detailed informations. Check out my portfolio at...
Photo by Kay Gaensler on Flickr
cars gm opel electriccar generalmotors eflex gmeurope flextreme
Opel Flextreme
Opel’s Flextreme concept car, which makes its premiere at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt (September 13 – 23, 2007), boasts the body of a dynamic monocab, as well as the completely new environmentally...
Photo by gmeurope on Flickr
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Opel GT
Pues nada, de paseo por la ciudad de Salamanca, haciendo ruta turística con una personajilla que me tiene un poco loco nos encontramos este "pepain" de coche aparcado tal cual. Habiá que intentar hacer algo...
Photo by _Hadock_ on Flickr

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