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Apr 27, 08:43 PDT

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2014 Western Star 4900, Detroit Diesel 500 HP, 18 speed, 46K rears.

  • 3D Farms

    Is the Volvo a good truck to invest in , for over the road owner operators?

    Have you driven a Western Star. Westen Stars are great trucks, the company is owned by Diamler-Chrysler. Same company as a Freightliner, but it's like comparing a Cadilac to a Chevrolet.

  • netpress1

    Is Western Star Trucks in trouble with Owner Operators being pushed out of the market?

    I have seen this advertised as an owner operator truck, but I also know that it has a lot of other heavy duty specialty uses. I'm wondering how much sales are dependent on the OOs.

    companies use Western Star truck too.

  • Saint

    In the movie Maximum Overdrive, what engine did that Semi-Truck with the Green Goblin(Western Star) face use?

    Try looking here under "comments" on IMCDb at: http://www. org/wiki/Maximum_Overdrive. "A large number of semi-trailer trucks appear as a gang who.

  • clifflar63

    What is the right coolant for a big truck(western star) radiator.? ?

    i know theres red, or green, and will i need to get a now-cool kit to check it after adding 2-3 gal.

    The truck brand does not matter, if you have a CAT engine you probably have CAT antifreeze. If so it is red, if not a CAT or if it is a CAT but has been changed to the green antifreeze at some.

  • netpress1

    Why doesn't Western Star export trucks to Europe and Asia?

    There's not a big market overseas for American built trucks.

  • Martincic

    Who builds the best semi trucks on the road?

    Kenworth, Peterbilt, Western Star, or Freightliner.

    Western Star/ Freightliner built by same company. Kenworth/Peterbilt/Internationals built by same company. the trucks are only as good as the person who owns them takes care of them


  • American Semi Trucks

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  • Annual Franchise and Distribution Law Developments, 2005 Edition

    American Bar Association. 2014. ISBN: 1590315944,9781590315941. 343 pages.

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Rowell Freightlines Western Star "B Double" QV-04DE in Victoria Road at Cary Street, Drummoyne, Sydney, N.S.W. Australia.
Rowell Freightlines Western Star "B Double" QV-04DE in Victoria Road at Cary Street, Drummoyne, Sydney, N.S.W. Australia. This rig has just come off the Iron Cove Bridge. The new bridge for outbound or west...
Photo by express000 on Flickr
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City Transit Mix Western Star Truck 51
Photo by RyanP77 on Flickr
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Town of Schuyler Western Star
Photo by RyanP77 on Flickr

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