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The Geneva Auto Show 2014 - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Chris takes a stroll around the good, the bad and the plain bizarre.

  • Kristy

    Auto Show??

    I am taking my boyfriend to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in Jan. My question is do I plan for 1 or 2 days at the show. ( I am purchasing the tickets in advance). If we go 1 day then we can go to the Henry Ford Museum.

    One day at the auto show should allow you more than enough time to see everything that you are interested in. The auto show is designed to be one big advertisement for the auto makers. You can see.

  • bear cub


    i heard if you want to sit in the exotic cars they ask for some info. what do they ask for. Bonus Q: do they have the nissan skyline GTR.

    I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but the Montreal International Auto Show is very similar to the LA Autoshow. It is not possible to get into an exotic car (like a lamborghini or ferrari).

  • viperdude

    Detroit auto show, go or no go?

    I'm thinking about going to the Detroit Auto Show this coming January, I live in the North Western part of Ohio so the drive won't be too bad but is it worth it or should I just read about it in my car magazines.

    It's probably the only good thing about Detroit. But I warn you, it's very crowded at night and on the weekends especially. And finding a place to park can be hard too. But it's definately worth.

  • BlueAnt

    When is the Detroit Auto show?

    The North American International Auto Show will be held in Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI. The press preview is from January 11 until the 13th. Only prescreened automotive media members will be.

  • Kristy

    North American International Auto Show????

    So I am the world's best girlfriend and am taking my boyfriend to Detroit for the auto show in Jan. for his birthday present. How many days should I purchase the tickets for. Does it only take one day to go through or should I get tickets for 2.

    i assume you're renting a car. the piston's play a ways away. if he's a real car nut you will want the 2 days at the show. if you don't already have hotel reservations in detroit.

  • I87_NorthBound

    Why is the NY Auto show always during Easter weekend?

    I just can't understand why the NY Auto show is always on Easter weekend. Don't the organizers know that on Easter, there will be hardly anyone attending. I imagine that the admission sales for Easter itself must me almost nonexistent.

    Not everyone celebrates Easter and is of Christian faith. New York is one of the most diverse places in the world. Some people celebrate but will also attend the show. No where in the bible.

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2011 Vancouver International Auto Show Preview Gala at the Vancouver Convention Centre West on March 28, 2011.
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