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Tutorial: how to wash your car (best car wash methods by Auto Obsessed)

Read the complete how-to guide: http://autoobsessed. com/detailing-guide-how-to-wash-your-car-best-practices. html Video guide showing best methods to wash your car.

  • DTortie

    Car wash mitt, preference?

    I'm brand new to detailing and went to a local auto parts store to pick up a few things. I grabbed a lambswool mitt (along with some car wash and bucket) and proceeded to checkout. Another customer in the store pointed out, as I was ready to pay,.

    A microfiber mitt is a great choice. The mitt itself will not scratch the paint. The key is to rinse you car very well before you being to wash. Use a quality soap, I prefer Eagle One Nano Wash and.

  • Jake P

    How can you wash leather ski mitts?

    How can you wash leather ski mitts, without ruining them.

    You can use a leather conditioner. The application process will clean the mitts also (remove dirt and grime, stains will stay). The conditioner will make the leather suppler and more comfortable.

  • upinchronicsmoke

    Using a Microfiber Wash Mitt for washing new car?

    I just bought a microfiber wash mitt that is supposedly two-sided, "2N1. " One side looks like thick tufts of microfiber, and the other side looks like a mesh type similar to basketball shorts. How does the usage differ for the two sides.

    The micro fiber side is for general washing. The net side is designed to remove bugs and such without scratching.

  • Tyler J F

    Waxing and Washing My Car?

    well i waxed only part of my car last week just to see how it would work, i used meguiars clay kit, then the cleaner wax, then i used meguiars ultimate compound for the swirl marks and stuff, then i used meguiars nxt tech wax 2. 0 or whatever.

    1) Wash car first with good car wash soap that won't strip the wax off. Meguiar's Gold Class is good, plus it smells nice. Do this using a good microfiber or wool wash mitt or sponge.

  • hambnjns13

    Where can I find a body wash mitt that is made of soft wicker?

    I used one while staying in a hostel in Brazil, and I cannot find anything close to resembling it here in the U. S. or on the net. I don't even know what it's called. The wicker 'strands' were about half the thickness of a pinky finger.

    Are you sure you are not thinking of a Bamboo wash mitt. If you search the internet for "bamboo wash cloth", you will find several places to buy these online. Here's one to get you started:.

  • Asmmdlw

    How do I wash my car?

    I'm not sure in what order to wash my car, cut polish etc. I'm thinking - I will hand wash some of the stubborn marks, then take it to the carwash to finish it off, then cut and polish by hand. But the carwash puts a wax on, would it be better.

    For a full wash you’ll need some extra time and equipment but the result will be a car which looks as good as new. It should stay that way for up to two months. What you need:. • The equipment.


  • Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

  • Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

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garage selene armorall washmitt
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