The PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer by AIRAID

How does Airaid design their Throttle Body Spacers. Cameron Evans visits the Airaid Filter Company in Phoenix, Arizona and gets inside the design, application and installation of one of the most popular throttle body spacers on the market.

Building Power With Nissan's Most Popular Engines - Tech - Super Street Magazine

There are a number of us Nissan fanatics out there, myself being one of them. The car was so rotted it couldn’t be jacked up without endangering anyone’s life, but I loved it. Nissan has graced us with a collection of great engines, many of which can reliably.


Yahoo answersWhat effects would a throttle body spacer have on my truck?

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    it is supposed to control the air flow better and then kinda spin it at the same time i think that if they really worked that well the price would be allot higher i think i would do a cold air.

Yahoo answersWhat to do after installing a throttle body spacer?

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    Why did you put in a throttle body spacer. Did you believe the sales pitch that it would increase the air flow and give you better MPG's. Did your MPG's increase. You probably.

Yahoo answersDo I install a helix throttle body spacer with the beveled surface up or down?

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    remember air flow comming in so no restrictions. hope this helps.

Yahoo answersWould a Throttle body spacer give any extra power to my Civic DX auto? and can I alsos have new intake on it?

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Yahoo answerswill a throttle body spacer make a differance on a 99 jeep Grand cherokee with a 4.0L?

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    I put one on my '95 GC, 4. 0L. It felt like I had more throttle response. I bought it form a Jeep accessory catalog. Around 60 bucks if I remember correctly.

Yahoo answersIs it hard to install a throttle body spacer?

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    My opinion is they are not worth the money. but if you want. the throttle body is held on by three or four long bolts and removal is very easy. You are gonna need an additional gasket for the.

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  • Building Power With Nissan's Most Popular Engines - Tech

    Intake: A properly designed aftermarket intake, preferably mated to a ported throttle body and a manifold plenum spacer. The VQ has two major hurdles that occur right around 400-450whp. Number one, the engine is going to throw a rod—that much is

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    Wheel spacers at each corner also widen the front and rear tracks by 10mm. All Panameras are good handlers, but the GTS goes several steps further. The adaptive air suspension and Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) constantly adapt to changing

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