Geo Throttle Body Gasket

This was a 1. 2GB upload. This is one of the longer vids I have done on the geo.

MAHLE Clevite Introduces 60 New Part Numbers - (AMN)

MAHLE Clevite introduced 60 new part numbers in February for various types of bearings, filters, gaskets, piston rings and turbochargers. The part numbers are available for a range of light vehicle and heavy-duty applications. New part numbers are now available for the following products: air filters, fuel filters, engine connecting rod.


Yahoo answersCan I use RTV sealant for a throttle body gasket?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    No don't use rtv on a throttle body. Go find a gasket. Go to the dealer and get one or have the parts store order one. They don't cost much. Rtv can be sucked into passages and ports and.

Yahoo answershow do u replace a throttle body gasket? and how hard is it?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Take it to some one who knows what they are doing.

Yahoo answersCan I make a throttle Body Gasket?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    In a pinch only, carboard from the back of a spiral notebook. An innertube from an old tire.

Yahoo answersHelp! Does throttle body gasket determine if car can start.?

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    yes it sucks in to much air. This will cause it not to start. Have someone show you where it is at and try to tighten the bolts on the throttle body yourself. That sounds like alot of money.

Yahoo answersWhy did i get a new gasket throttle body installed in my car?

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    If the throttle body was removed, a new gasket is usually installed as the old one may not reseal properly. However, if the throttle body was was malfuctioning then it would be replaced along with.

Yahoo answersThrottle body gasket broke into pieces! Help please!?

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    will be the gasket,you can cut one out of thin cadboard

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  • MAHLE Clevite Introduces 60 New Part Numbers

    engine cylinder head gaskets and head bolt sets, engine intake manifold gasket sets, oil pan gasket sets and main bearing gasket sets, valve cover gaskets and valve stem seal sets, fuel injection plenum gaskets and throttle body mounting gaskets,

  • Two different startup issues, two solutions

    3 cylinder and it was suggested that the head gasket was leaking and the throttle body needed service. I removed and serviced the throttle body. There is no loss of antifreeze volume and there is never any antifreeze in the oil when I do oil changes,


    Robbie Reiser and the folks in the chassis and body shop built nice cars and the teams prepared them well. We worked all winter getting ready for this. It's just the beginning. We hope we can put it together for the Twin 150s and for the 500 next

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