Replace an EGR Valve : Prepping a Mounting Gasket Surface

Learn how to remove and reconnect exhaust gas recirculation valves in this free car maintenance video. Expert: Nathan McCullough Bio: Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College with a GPA of 3. 5 and received their.

MAHLE Clevite Introduces 60 New Part Numbers - (AMN)

MAHLE Clevite introduced 60 new part numbers in February for various types of bearings, filters, gaskets, piston rings and turbochargers. The part numbers are available for a range of light vehicle and heavy-duty applications. New part numbers are now available for the following products: air filters, fuel filters, engine connecting rod.


Yahoo answersHow do i change the EGR Valve Gasket on my 2002 dodge neon? Where is the EGR Gasket located on the engine?

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    You can search for quite a while and still not find it. The Neon 2. 0L engine only had an EGR up to the end of the '99 model year (or 1st generation Neon). Starting in 2000, an EGR valve was no.

Yahoo answerswheres my EGR Valve GASKET?

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    I'd say its more likely the last person that took it off forgot it. To find out for shure call the dealer or the factory techline with the VIN number. If you are not shure if that is the.

Yahoo answersshould i use a gasket sealer on a metal egr valve gasket?

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    There's really no need for a sealer on the EGR valve gasket. Just be sure and remove all traces of the old gasket material and assure that the mounting surface is smooth and clean.

Yahoo answersHave I blown my head gasket, EGR valve or is it something else?

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    It appears everything comes back to the overheating problem. The only piece that may be out of place is why it died soon after you started it. You could probably use some good news. I think your.

Yahoo answersEGR Gasket made out of a soda can?

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    Why would you go to all of that trouble. An EGR gasket is less than $5 and any good auto parts store will have it in stock. The only time that making a gasket makes sense is if one is not readily.

Yahoo answersa question about a egr valve?

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    it is a tube

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  • MAHLE Clevite Introduces 60 New Part Numbers

    New part numbers are now available for the following products: air filters, fuel filters, engine connecting rod bearings, EGR valve gaskets, engine conversion gasket sets, engine coolant outlet gaskets, coolant thermostat housing gaskets and coolant

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