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Suede And Leather Care with Martha Stewart

Wayne Edelman President of Meurice Garment Care share with Martha Stewart the secrets to proper suede and leather care.

  • schwartr88

    Leather care?

    I have heard that both neatsfoot and mink oil are actually bad for leather. Why are they bad/harmfull to leather and why do so many companies use it if it is really bad.

    Leather is a very old product. Adding oils ccomes from a long time ago when tanning processes were not lke they are today and the oils that were added would leech out and the leather would become.

  • fuzzlenose

    Best leather car seat care?

    We are buying a vehicle that has leather seats and I've always owned cloth. What is the best way to protect and clean leather seats. What specific products will keep it soft, protect from stains, clean it, etc. We live in Michigan so it is cold.

    Keep your leather clean by protecting it with a leather protector and then regular cleaning. Water based fluorocarbon protectors (the best type there are|) will not come off on your clothes.

  • dghggh

    Leather care?

    Two questions: First off, I have a leather belt that has two pieces of leather glued together. Now it's coming apart. What kind of glue should I use. Would Krazy Glue work. Also, what are some general rules for caring for leather shoes.

    Rubber cement is the best thing to use for leather. What you have is bonded leather. To use rubber cement, coat both sides and let sit until not so sticky. Starting at one end, carefully lay the.

  • peter gunn

    how to care for a leather jacket?

    I have a leather jacket which I wear nearly every day during winter time, and I'm reall fond of. I'm looking for a few tips to take good care of it so that it'll give me a lot more joy for years to come. any kind (maintenance products,.

    Well, I doubt you have a Wilsons leather store there but they don't have good products and will rip you off. I have tried Mink oil and it stunk. Anything you use like olive oil etc. will be a mess.

  • schwartr88

    Leather care?

    Is putting silicone waterproofing sprays on leather damaging to the leather. Many companies sell it for waterproofing leather, but I have heard that using it clogs the pores which can damage the leather over time.

    It can be used for shoes and boots which are designed to perform in a different way and are finished to reflect this. If you use silicones on furniture and some garments it will damage the finish.

  • J.J.

    How to take care of leather jacket?

    Now of course I checked ALL over the internet, including here. There is information everywhere on how to take care of leather. Here's what people say:. "Mink oil is best, and it's natural. "Beat up your jacket, sit on it, toss it in Dryer with no.

    I have several leather jackets, you could say I have leather fetish. Every year, I condition my leather jackets, to prevent them from cracking and fading and also to keep them soft.


  • Leather Care Technician Manual

    AuthorHouse. 2014. ISBN: 9781418489588,1418489581. 288 pages.

    Lonnie McDonald has written the LEATHER PRO: Leather Care Technician Handbook. He is also a Leather Care Instructor with the following credentials: IICRC Master Textile Cleaner IICRC Master Restorer Smoke & Fire IICRC Master Restoration Technician IICRC Senior Practicing Carpet Inspector IICRC S300 Vice-Chair IICRC S100 Committee member IICRC Certified Firm & Registrant Committee Member IICRC CCT & CCT Test Committee Member IICRC Certification Council Member IICRC Leather Task Force Chair Internationally Recognized Leather Care Instructor Author-Leather Care Technician Text Book Industry Consultant American Furniture Manufactures Association (AFMA) Leather Care Committee Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association (LMCCA) Co Founder Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association (LMCCA) President Author of numerous industry related article. Clean Fax Dream Team nominee 2003 & 2004 Clean Fax Dream Team Nomination Committee Member 2003 & 2004 Clean Fax Editorial Advisory Group Leather goods are one of the few items in which many consumers take great pride in owning. It is a special covering, after all, as each hide tells a story. Because leather is so different from man-made fibers, the cleaning and care of it should be treated differently. Armed with the knowledge contained in this manual, some practice, and the proper tools and supplies, virtually anyone can become a leather-cleaning expert. This photo-filled leather-cleaning manual goes well beyond the usual expectations of a normal manual. Author Lonnie McDonald has done an exceptional job in creating an easy-to-use picture guide for the proper cleaning and care of all types of leather. With over 20 yrs of experience in leather cleaning and care, Mr. McDonald has done what few authors have been able to accomplish - to connect with the student, and to show him/her what to expect in many different cleaning scenarios - visually. Left out of this manual are fluff, hyperbole, and filler. It is 100% meat and potatoes! Mr. McDonald's passion for the leather care industry runs deep. He chairs the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification(IICRC)Leather Cleaning Technician(LCT)Technical Advisory Committee, he is president of Leather Pro!, a professional leather cleaning and restoration company, and is also the current President of the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner's Association. Additionally, Mr. McDonald serves on the American Furniture Manufacturer's Association Joint Industry Committees on Leather Care. This book will be one of the first leather care manuals approved for the Leather Cleaning Technician course (LCT) by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and because science continues to bring forth new cleaning tools and technology, and entrepreneurs demand better and more productive ways to service leather goods, this manual is work in-progress. Congratulations, dear student, on your decision to invest a little to gain so much. Now, let's get busy cleaning leather!

  • The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New

    Macmillan. 2004. ISBN: 0312326033,9780312326036. 192 pages.

    A humorous and informative resource details the steps needed to properly store, clean, fix, shelve, mend, and otherwise preserve books, explaining where to collect tools and how to avoid unnecessary expense. Reprint.

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