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Femina Tampons: How to use Compact Applicator Tampons

Are you a new tampon user. Do you know how to insert a compact applicator tampon correctly. This video wi.

  • be_my_edward

    What is an applicator??

    I'm refering to tampons. well what do u do with it. lol sorry. i've neva used a tampon before lol.

    An applicator for a tampon will be a two-part device that is either built of paper (card board) or plastic. The tampon rests in the upper chamber, with the string hanging down through the bottom.

  • Odette_♥


    I just started to use tampons and have read alot about applicators. I live in Western Australia and have never seen tampons that come with applicators. Can someone please tell me what they are and how they work. Also, do they make inserting a.

    You can get it from priceline. The brand is tampax (if I remember correctly). It was a bit of a problem when I first moved to Sydney, because most of the tampons are without applicators.

  • Holly J

    Getting the tampon applicator in?

    Okay I'm 16 so I know it's weird I never used a tampon before, but I'm suckin it up and just doing it. I've googled this and everything. I can get the tampon in, and I'll push the applicator in, but I get to be point where I can't push it any.

    I had the same problem. When you put it in put your legs wide apart and put one leg ontop of something like a chair, this opens it up so it's easier. Keep your fingers at the edge of the applicator.

  • rachelcufc<3

    lil lets non applicator help please?

    hi girls :) i'm 15 and just started using tampons a few months ago. i was sick of sanitary towels and the worry of 'letting go' as i have a very heavy flow. my mum reccomended the lil lets non applicator tampons as because i'm just starting using.

    I haven't heard of this brand, but if you're in the U. S. we have a brand called " Tampax Pearl" it is a slim tampon with a plastic applicator and I do not find them uncomfortable at all (and I am.

  • Veronica Elms

    Using a cardboard applicator (tampons)? Help?

    I accidentally bought a huge box of tampons from tampax because they were on sale and didnt realize that they said cardboard applicator. I've always only used plastic applicators. What are the differences of these if any. Are cardboard applicators.

    It makes very little difference. Applicators are designed purely to limit genital contact - that's all, the idea that they make tampon insertion easier isn't true, it's purely about personal.

  • Molly ♥ Loveheart

    Are cardboard applicators really THAT bad?

    I've had my period for a year, and I've always had miraculous luck for some reason I never get my period on the day of a pool party, overnight, etc. and if I was supposed to it would like magically start early or delay or something. (I know, I.

    I LOVE the cardboard ones. Maybe it's cause when I started that's all we had. But you can flush them (in SOME TOILETS. ), they are better for the environment, and cheaper. I think what most girls.


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