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How To Replace a Wheel Cylinder -EricTheCarGuy

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  • Tiesto

    what are left/right rear wheel cylinders?

    My car uses alot of brake fluid, can the problem be coming from the rear wheel cylinders. Can anybody tell what are they.

    The wheel cylinders are the chambers containing compressed brake fluid in which the pistons which actuate the brakes run. Rear brakes in non-sporting models are usually shoes which press the.

  • Alicia

    Retainer onto a wheel cylinder?

    I'm trying to replace the wheel cylinders on a 1984 Chevy Citation 2 but I can't get the retainer onto the cylinder. Is there some special way of doing it or a specific tool that I need to use. Someone has told me that it goes on with pressure but.

    They are a pain in the butt. You almost need a second set of hands to help. Removal is fairly simple, I take a pry bar and pry on the wheel cylinder, this will bend the clip and it should fall.

  • Clueless

    changing brake wheel cylinder '65 chevy?

    I have manual brake and manual steering '65 chevy. i'll be changing out the wheel cylinder that is given out with new one and i've heard that in the fluid when you change it, air gets in it and makes it lose its balance with other brakes.

    on the back side of a wheel cylinder is a nipple with a lock nur. putting a clear plastic hose on the nipple filling the master cylinder with fluid and one guy keeps the waster cyl full and pumps.

  • bhaskar

    Hyundai Accent Wheel Cylinder Change?

    i have a hydundai Accent 2003 and mileage 55k on it. Since lst week break hav become tough n requires hard pedal to apply, when i took to Tires Plus they recommend to replace the wheel cylinder and brake system flush which costs 330, will i get it.

    The wheel cylinders, if indeed leaking, are covered under the 5 year/ 60,000 mile warranty (even if you're the 10th owner). A dealer, using your VIN, can determine the 'warranty start date' of.

  • Mspiggy2010

    What is the difference between brake cylinders and wheel cylinders?

    My mechanic told me I need my brake cylinders replaced that they were leaking brake fluid on my rear brakes. Well he told me they'd cost 160 dollars. a lot of money (I'm only a college student) so I looked them up online and all that comes up.

    OK, first the terminology. Wheel cylinders are used with any drum brake system, whether rear (still most cars, but fewer every year) or front wheels (mostly only cars older than about 40 years.

  • Irish_Welder

    how do you remove the wheel cylinder from a 1991 chevy s-10 pickup?

    The brake line is rusted inside the wheel cylinder.

    Wheel cylinders and brake lines are both cheap. Get a new cylinder and new length of line, and borrow a double flare tool and brake line bender from AutoZone or Advance, whoever loans tools near.


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