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How To Install Replace Emergency Brake Cable

com In this video, 1A Auto shows you how to replace a broken or failing emergency brake cable. This video applies to the GMC Jimmy S15, yea.

  • Sarah

    parking brake question?

    I think I have the worst luck wth cars. About a week ago, I tried to reverse in the driveway with the parking brake on, I didnt realize it was on. I put the car in reverse, didnt go anywhere, tapped the gas a little and stopped. I did this twice.

    your parking brake might be off up front but not releasing on the back wheels. the parking brake cable could be stuck at the back wheels and not releasing the shoes or pads away from the drums or.

  • eggless

    2003 Dodge Caravan parking brake stuck? Even though the parking brake light is not on?

    I have a 2003 Dodge Caraven. I put the parking brake on the other day ago, and released it. I drove it afterwards, in town about 35 mph, and felt some resistance, I came home and pulled on the release lever again, and it seemed to help.

    The parking brake is applied to the rear wheels only. When the van has sat over night. feel the temperature of the rear wheels. Drive a ΒΌ mile at 20 mph, coast to a stop, don't use the brakes.

  • S

    Do I need new parking brake cable?

    After mechanics installed new drum brake shoes, holds for 1 ride, now doesnt hold at all. about 8 clicks. (normal 5-8 clicks). Maybe cable stretched. (I adjusted once from inside car, I read this is not optimal).

    take it back and ask the mechanic who did the brakes to adjust the cable too, apparently he forgot a step there ace.

  • S

    does parking brake cable wear out?

    how long can it last. does tension wear it out.

    For the most part the cable itself doesn't wear out in the sense that they rarely break. What happens over time, lots of it, is that the cable attachment points can fail from corrosion, rust, and.

  • Damon

    How do you know if its your parking brake shoes and/or parking brake cables/hardware?

    My 2004 Explorer parking brake doesn't work. I hear ticking when going at low speeds which tells me that my parking brake shoes fell apart. Would there be a way to tell if there is anything wrong with the cable(s)/hardware as well. I am having.

    Allow me to analyze your situation. Your vehicle, a 2004 Ford Explorer, has no parking brake. You took it to a mechanic and he evaluated the car and his expert observation determined that the.

  • 1992 Buick Parking Brake Cable?

    I have a 1992 Buick Regal Custom 3. 8l and my parking brake cable has been sagging off of the car a bit getting worse each time I use the parking brake. How can I adjust it to fit tighter to the car or some how rig it to not hang so much.

    There are adjustments that you can make on the cable using a wrench that should take most/all of the sag out of it. If not, try buying a "butterfly". works on pretty much the same tightening.


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volvo amazon parking cable 1966 brake 122
Parking brake cable
Camera 360
Photo by mathrock on Flickr
volvo amazon parking cable 1966 brake 122
Parking brake cable
Camera 360
Photo by mathrock on Flickr
volvo amazon parking cable 1966 brake 122
Parking brake cable
Camera 360
Photo by mathrock on Flickr

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