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Porsche Cayenne Front and Rear Brake Pads and Sensors Bosch / Febi

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Porsche 911- 996 Rear Brake Kit Rotors Brake Pads Wear Sensors Sebro

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BMW Rear Brake Pads And Sensor Replacement E83 E46 E38 E39 X5 E89 DIY

My video shows how to replace the rear brake pads on a BMW. This video was made on an X3 E83 vehicle that only needed rear pads and not rotors.

  • addme

    how do the brake pad sensors for 1998 3 series bmw work?

    i had to take out the little U looking copper securing thing that came with the sensor it wouldnt fit inside the pas with it. im wondering if the little securing clip around the sensor is necessary for the connection, b/c i put everything together.

    series circuit- instrument cluster / check control applies voltage- goes through the front sensor from the front sensor to the rear sensor, from the rear sensor back to the check control / cluster.

  • Auburn

    What does this mean about Brake Pads?

    Ok, I don't know anything about cars so this may sound like a stupid question. What does it mean when the guy that is fixing my car says my brake pads are at 40%. . Thanks Guys.

    Your brake pads wear down as they press against the rotor (inside part of your wheel) when you brake and eventually will need to be changed. It sounds like he might be trying to scare you into.

  • kwabenamorrison

    my bmw brake pads and sensor?

    after changing my brake pad and sensor on my BMW 3 SERIES 2006 MODEL i still have the error message on my screen do i have to use the computer to erase the error message.

    You reset the service by insert the your key in the ignition and press and hold the cluster's trip button and a 'service' message will show. release press and hold to go into the menu.

  • Andriy U

    Does BMW E39 (2003, 530I) have brake pads sensor?

    So I can know when should I change pads. And what pads are the best or at least good.

    There are two sensors, but you only need to replace them if the brake wear warning light has come on. Otherwise, they can be reused. The two sensors are one for the front pads and one for the.

  • elwoods10

    What kind of brake pads should I buy for Mercedes C240 2001? Have to have sensor on them.?

    I replaced my brake pads at some little shop about a year ago trying to save money and alas they work but the light on my control screen comes on "brake lining visit workshop. " As I learned, this is because the brake pads they put on didn't.

    @ above posts. Mercedes does indeed use brake pad sensors that are separate from the brake pads. These sensors go into the the back of the pad lining and when the pad becomes low, this sensor.

  • Jr

    How many brake pad sensor do a 2003 bmw 325i have?

    How many brake pads sensor do i have to change and how much do those cost along with brake pads. forget labor. because someone is selling me 170 for 4 pads and 4 sensors like 20 bucks each.

    There are 4 sensors, they can be replaced individually as needed. (There is one sensor for each wheel position. ) The pricing you mention for the sensors sounds fair, but the $170 seems high for.


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