DIY double din deck cover HOW TO

so after getting numerous requests on how i made my stereo cover i decided to make a quick walk thru of how i went about making my cover now one thing i didnt cover very well is aligning the clip the clip should be the last thing you do install...

Yahoo answersHow would you cover this deck?

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    it would be more helpful if you gave us a photo to look at if you want ideas.

Yahoo answershow do I make a roof deck - cover a flat roof with a walkable tile or hard surface?

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    Put down wood sleepers on the existing roof, then place the new deck over the sleepers.

Yahoo answersHow to build a deck to cover a jacuzzi?

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    2 x 4s wont support the weight, if you want that much stuff on it i would say use at least 2 x 6 and 4 x 4s for the posts, lots of concrete. use the 2 x6s to build a box frame and mount it on top.

Yahoo answersWhat is the best cover for a deck?Sunsetter awnings?

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    i'm sure the sunsetter is cheaper to put up, comes manual and motorized. and has a 5 yr warranty on it. but building a cover for your porch will add value to your home and i think over the.

Yahoo answerswhat do you call that cd deck cover?

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    its called a dash kit. if you are looking for one go to www. crutchfield. com they are the best for cd player dash kits.

Yahoo answershow to build a rustic deck cover?

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