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How to disconnect and remove a brake flex hose

Disconnecting brake hose at the brake line and caliper.

  • sabrinajustison

    Grand Caravan 2000 front brake hose?

    We need to replace the hose on the driver's side front brakes on our Grand Caravan. Can anyone describe just where it's located, or direct me to a free diagram online. The left brake is not fully releasing, so it's like we're riding the brake.

    My bet is it is the hose. What happens is the hose will deteriorate where the fittings a swedged on and act as a one way valve. The brake fluid under pressure (when pushing the pedal) will pass.

  • Ivonne Kay

    How do you change brake hose on 2003 nissan pathfinder?

    By brake hose you mean brake line right. It should be the same as every car, there is a small hose with metal connectors on both sides and you just use a wrench and losen them pur new one in and.

  • Elle

    Does my VW Passat need a front brake hose?

    I had my 98 VW Passat at the dealership recently. They said my front brake hose is cracked, and the vehicle may not be safe to drive. They charge a fortune for repairs, so I took it a different shop. The mechanic agreed that the hose is cracked.

    Your front flex hoses are there to allow for the turning of the front wheels. Think about it, if there was metal lines all the way to your wheel hubs, how would you turn the wheels.

  • tyler p

    How do brakes work on a Car?

    Also, what's a drum brake, a disc brake, or any other brake.

    The typical brake system consists of disk brakes in front and either disk or drum brakes in the rear connected by a system of tubes and hoses that link the brake at each wheel to the master.

  • xxhunterxx1

    How to tell if a brake hose is bad?

    hey just a little while ago i posed a question on if i can bleed a abs brake system like a non abs one. while i got the (yes) answer i wanted , some people said to check the rubber sections of brake hoses on my 96 camaro v6 with front disc rear.

    The rubber lines normally connect hard lines bolted to the sub-frame to the calipers. This is to allow installation, removal and movement in the calipers. You should get someone to hold pressure.

  • abust3

    Do drum brakes need brake hoses?

    This garage said I needed to replace all the hoses (front and rear), but I have drums in the rear, and I thought the brake line connects directly into the rear wheel cylinders and that no hoses are needed. Are they just lying to me.

    the rear drum brakes usually have 1 rubber hose that connects to the splitter for the lines that connect to the wheel cylinders. disc brakes have their own hose.


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