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Buy this Colgan Car Bra: www. com Colgan car bras are custom made for your vehicle. The vinyl is UV coated to resist fading, and it's available in a black or carbon fiber finish. Installation is fairly.

Yahoo answerscar bra ??

  • Honda

    Yes it has to be fully visible. make sure the bra fits properly, if its after market beware of moisture and corrosion, warranty won't cover after market.

Yahoo answersCan I leave my car bra on while I wash the car?

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    I have one on my car and it's been on there for 8 years and I never take it off, it fits tight enough that I can wash the car and while drying the hood off with a chamoy I check underneath it and.

Yahoo answersHow do you removes stains on your car paint left by a car bra.?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    buy some Mothers car wax and wax the hood

Yahoo answersWhere's the cheapest place I can get a car bra?

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    check out ebay. or possibly amazon. another reccommendation is checking out whole sale lots like BJ's or sumthing. hahaa when you said car bra. i was thinking of an actual bra like a girls.

Yahoo answersdo i need to fix the cracks in my cars front bumper before i put the car bra on?

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    bras go on people not cars silly faggot

Yahoo answersWhere Can I find a Car Bra?

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    Those things do nothing more than collect dust and crap and destroy your paint job. Don't go there.

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