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How To Replace Drum Brake Shoes (Full) - EricTheCarGuy

How To Replace Drum Brake Shoes (Full) - EricTheCarGuy http://www. com/ Here is a full length version of a video that I posted some time ago, th.

  • cry_wolf

    Rust on rear brake drums?

    I got an 03 Celica and got the rear brake drums replaced because of heavy rust and loud squealing when ever i braked. After getting the rear drums replaced i still heard loud squealing when i lightly braked (but not as much as the old).

    Brake drums will naturaly rust as they are made of cast iron, Rusting will be sped up if there are no backing plates on the drums or in wet weather or if the car is not driven for a few days.

  • Corey

    orange rusty looking splotches on new brake drum?

    on my 94 honda civic vx I just got both the front rotors pads and calipers installed. also recently did the back brake drums, spring kits,and new shoes. only issue is on the drivers side brake drum its covered in these yellow orangeish splotches.

    Brake drums are made of cast iron and are generally not painted. In other words, they rust and rust quickly. This is cosmetic only as the cast iron brake drums are made from heavy enough material.

  • Prairie Dog

    Drum Brakes?

    I have been told that if you purchase a car with drum brakes you have to get them adjusted every 30 thousand miles, is this true, and is there any other disadvantage to having drum brakes. Thank You Very Much,.

    All drum brakes are not "self adjusting". if you have front disc and rear drum brakes, use your parking brake every time or every other time you park. That will keep the rear (drum) brakes in.

  • zenbonzakura

    honda civic 03 drum brake soft?

    from my older post, and if you read it, i fixed my brake and wheel vibration by changing the rotors and pads. the car make clicking noise when i am driving at 5-10mph and it kinda decreased as the speed go up. and i feel that the clicking.

    Soft pedal can be a result of improper brake drum adjustment. And also air in the hydraulic system. You have changed your front brakes to fix a vibration problem and that is good. The clicking.

  • Swordfish

    Brake drums knocking sound?

    I recently had a friend change my rear brake drums and and pads. (he is fairly knowledgeable with cars) and now when I apply the brakes, i hear a knocking sound coming from the passenger rear. I checked everything and it looks ok. I have a 2001.

    Drum brakes adjust themselves by driving the car in reverse and applying the brakes. Do this half a dozen times to see if that has an effect. I doubt it will, it is something you should do with.

  • Drum brakes for cars...?

    If i use drum brakes do i need rotors or just shoes or are rotors only used to disc brakes. Hense the rotor being the disc.

    drum brakes were on all cars when they first came out, and then gradually the disc brakes came into focus as they had better stopping power, could take excessive heat much better and are easier to.


  • Classroom Manual for Automotive Brake Systems: Shop manual

    Cengage Learning. 2014. ISBN: 1401838901,9781401838904. 351 pages.
  • Automotive Chassis

    Cengage Learning. 2014. ISBN: 1401856306,9781401856304. 551 pages.

    This user-friendly resource will thoroughly prepare readers to work in the important area of automotive technology known as chassis systems. It features accurate and up-to-date coverage of both brakes and suspension/steering in one complete volume. Technically precise drawings and photographs are prominently featured, supplying the visual support necessary for readers to grasp important principles and practices. The first half of the book is devoted to the latest information on brakes, including friction materials, drums, and rotors. The newest tire information is presented, followed by current suspension, steering, and wheel alignment material. The balance of the book is dedicated to front and rear wheel drive shafts and axles, and vibration analysis. Diagnosis and troubleshooting of worn and failed parts is emphasized throughout.

v2003 turinbrakes
Turin Brakes
Acoustic session at V2003
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Right rear brake drum
Camera 360
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Bombe rotating drum
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