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Chevy Stripped Brake Caliper Bolt

How I removed my stripped brake caliper bolt.

  • guero915

    How to change brakes on silverado?

    I have a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Extended Cab. I was wondering if there was some free tutorial on how to replace the brakes.

    DISC BRAKES: loosen wheel lugs, raise and secure truck on jack stands, undo lugs, pop off wheel, undo caliper bolts, pull caliper off rotor, hang from somewhere off the suspension so you don't.

  • Steven C

    how to remove stuck brake caliper bolts?

    the upper one came out very hard, the lower one I could not budge. Rear brake on 2000 Chev Monte Carlo.

    Both brake caliper bracket and caliper bolts are hardened and usually you have to resort to 1/2 inch metric sockets and a 16 inch ratchet or a breaker bar. Usually a 12 inch 1/2 ratchet works fine.

  • paul67337

    Stuck brake caliper bolt?

    I'm fixing a ladies 89 Silverado. The calipers are held in with 3/8" allen bolts. The outside of the bolts are round. The top bolt is stripped. Someone used too small of an allen to get it out, so they bent the squeal tab back on the brake.

    unbolt the brake line from the caliper. Remove the other caliper bolt completely. Rotate the caliper off the rotor until the pads clear. If you can't rotate it that far then rotate it as far as you.

  • Mike

    brake caliper bolts question?

    95 chevy blazer. the caliper bolts are allen heads and i have the right size but they wont budge. they look a little cobbled up from maybe a previous attempt by who knows. ive used liquid wrench on them and normally a few taps with a ballpeen.

    Are you using a std short little allen wrench. Or are you using a 3/8" drive socket with allen bit sticking out of it. . The socket and ratchet lets you put a great deal more torque on the bolt.

  • Chris

    Brake Caliper Bolt/Pin?

    does it matter which hole the bolt and pin goes in i dont want to switch them in wrong hole.

    most calipers have the same size and style bolt pins on top and bottom however if you have one that has two different styles usually the longer shaft or different style goes on the bottom of the.

  • Tim

    Brake Caliper Bolt Help !?

    ok, so i went to take out the bolts to get to the caliper, and they're rusted in there . ive tried WD40. ive tried heat with a handheld propane torch. and im pretty sure the top allen wrench bolt (where you insert the allen wrench to get.

    sometimes trying to tightening helps to break it loose. I know they make special bits used for hex bolts that have been rounded off or rusted but idk about allen wrench bolts. You can always drill.


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